Workplace Lung Function Tests (Spirometry)

The Importance Of An Annual Lung Function Test For Employees

Good Health is Good Business.

Occupational asthma and many other forms of workplace based lung / pulmonary / breathing problems are preventable by wearing masks and respirators when exposed to respiratory hazards.

But how can you be sure that the masks and respirators are being used correctly and appropriately by your employees?

This can only be determined if each employee completes an annual lung function test.

Spirometry (which means the measuring of breath) is the most common test of lung function.

Spirometry is widely used in New Zealand to test the lungs of employees exposed to respiratory hazards, which could include fumes, particulate dusts, solvents, and dangerous airborne particles.

Some industries where employees are particularly at risk include panel beaters, manufacturing plants, boat builders, woodworkers, spray painters, chemical and fertilizer products.

What Are The Benefits Of An Annual Lung Function Test For Your Employees

  • Provides early detection of ill health for a worker, or group of workers.
  • Provides early detection of patterns and problem areas.
  • Reduces the levels of absenteeism in the workplace.
  • Helps to assess the effectiveness of measures implemented for protection.
  • Helps to comply with relevant legislation.
  • Reduces the liabilities of industrial / workers compensation claims.

Why Choose Working Health For Your Workplace Lung Function Tests?

  • While lung function testing is a quick and simple test, poor test performance and lack of insight into test interpretation can negate its benefits.
  • Our lung function tests are performed in accordance with the internationally recognized ATS/ERS standards (American Thoracic Society/European Respiratory Society).
  • We use the latest technology to perform your employee lung function tests.
  • Our lung function tests help you to comply with the “Approved Code of Practice for the Safe use of Isocyanates” and “Workplace Exposure Standards".
  • We can conduct on-site lung function tests for your employees with minimal disruption and costs for your business.

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