Pre Employment and Exit Medicals

Working Health understands that the strength of your workforce is comprised of many parts, and that the health and safety of your employees is paramount.

That is why we are focused on supporting our clients with the medical assessment of candidates to meet your specific requirements, and to help minimise risk.

This includes providing a range of pre employment and exit medical assessments, as well as drug and alcohol screening services.

Why Is A Pre Employment Medical And/Or An Exit Medical Important?

Pre employment and exit medicals are an important part of effective recruitment and workforce management.

A pre employment medical will provide your business with a documented record of the state of a prospective employee’s health on entering the company.

It will also identify any illnesses or health problems that may affect the prospective employee’s ability to safely perform the job they are being considered for.

A pre employment and exit medical record can also assist in countering any would be ill-health claims subsequently made by an employee.

What Does A Pre Employment Medical Involve?

Pre-employment medicals are standard for many New Zealand organisations.

They ensure that any health-related requirements essential to job performance are identified.

The assessments are conducted by experienced nurses and are specifically tailored to the job demands the prospective employee will face in the workplace.

A pre employment medical may include all or some of the following tests:

  • Full Clinical Examination (BMI, Weight/Height, Freedom of Movement)
  • Medical History
  • Hearing (Audiometry) Test
  • Lung Function (Spirometry) Test
  • Vision Acuity
  • Blood Pressure & Pulse
  • Urine Drug Test
  • Alcohol breathalyzer test

Our pre employment medical services offer a fast turn-around, results, and cost effectiveness. The estimated time per medical is 1-1½ hours.

Working Health makes use of a standard pre employment medical template, however, this will be adjusted according to your specific requirements. Alternatively, we can use your company’s standard template.

Please note that prices will vary according to the tests required.

In addition, for pre employment medicals outside of the Auckland region, travel expenses may be required.

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