Workplace Vision Tests

The Importance of Eye Safety At Work.

Employee impaired vision is a major hazard in the workplace to the worker, fellow staff and property.

If employee sight and eye health starts to deteriorate, then it can have severe effects on their efficiency and their ability to complete work. Often the employee will be unaware of their impairment.

In addition, if employee eyesight is not checked regularly then there is also a higher risk of workplace accidents, including ones that are driving and vehicle related.

A workplace eye care scheme ensures that your staff’s eyesight is tested regularly to reduce the risk of accidents and health problems. This not only helps the safety of employees but also reduces unnecessary costs for you and your company.

When Should Workplace Eye Tests Be Undertaken?

Our workplace vision testing and monitoring program should be implemented where employees are exposed to visual hazards, including:

  • hazardous substances;
  • heavy VDU/Computer usage; or
  • where vehicle operation is prevalent.

Why Us? Key Benefits Our Workplace Eye Tests And Monitoring Program

Our workplace eye tests and monitoring program carries many major benefits, including the following:

  • Complete control over the cost of eye care for your employees;
  • Improves staff productivity by reducing fatigue and headaches;
  • Increases staff productivity due to minimal time away from the workplace;
  • Being regarded as a responsible employer by looking after the welfare of your staff;
  • Limited paperwork for you, the employer; and
  • Reduces injury potential to staff and property.

In essence, you can trust us to look after your eye care at work.

What Do Our Workplace Eye Tests And Monitoring Program Include?

We undertake a quick assessment of each employee's vision health which takes around 7 to 10 minutes to complete.

We will examine your employees for the following:

  • Visual acuity (how well a person is able to see usually whilst wearing their prescription eyewear);
  • Ocular muscle function or how well the muscles of the eyes are functioning;
  • Ocular health (screening for any signs of eye disease); and
  • Colour vision.

We also take into consideration the type and duration of work undertaken, the equipment the employee uses, and their working environment, to give your employees the best advice regarding their vision and their work.

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