Workplace Health Checks

Why Are Workplace Health Checks Important?

Good Health is Good Business.

Investing in the health of your employees makes good business sense.

Employers can also create significant competitive advantage by improving their ‘Employee Brand’.

People are the most valuable asset in any company, and employers are increasingly realising that working to achieve a healthy and happy workforce is just as important as investing in building and equipment maintenance.

More productive employees, with reduced absenteeism, result from fostering a healthier, happier workforce.

Absent staff and ill health cost companies both money and resources.

What Do Our Workplace Health Checks Involve?

Our workplace health checks involve all the following:

  • Blood Pressure & Pulse;
  • Height, Weight and BMI (obesity) and/or Waist Measurements;
  • Cholesterol Test;
  • Diabetes Test;
  • Smoking cessation advice and nicotine prescription available;
  • Assessment of risk factors;
  • Promotional materials for office areas; and
  • Lifestyle Discussion.

Why Us? Key Benefits Of Our Workplace Health Checks

  • We conduct health screening on your premises – reducing employee time away from desks;
  • We provide an online booking system for the convenience of your employees;
  • We provide an overall company report indicating the overall state of health of your employees, whilst maintaining individual employee confidentiality;
  • We suggest how our findings can dovetail into follow-on actions for your employees to improve their health status;
  • We provide all employees with written results, educational handouts and any advice we feel is relevant. If further intervention is required, clients will be referred to their family doctor;
  • We offer tailored packages to provide the right tests for the needs of you and your workforce;
  • We provide a dedicated co-ordinator to ease the process for you; and
  • We provide experienced, registered nurses to undertake the Health Checks.

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